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We are a fast paced, fast growing company, which aim is to continue our fast growth. Check out our open positions if you want to join this journey.

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About Novitana

Novitana is a marketing company with a primary focus on the online entertainment section. The story is that mid-2017 three friends decided to found the company Novitana with the intention of becoming one of the best online marketing companies in the industry.

Today we are happy being active in eight markets providing organic SEO traffic to multiple operators, investigating in more markets regularly.

Novitana is always looking for new talents and if you are currently in the lookout for a fun place to work at, send us an email and introduce yourself!

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Novitana is growing and we are currently looking to expand our team. Our office is located in Malta, a tiny sun-drained island (read rock) in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Take a look at our latest vacancies and if you see something you find interesting, contact us!


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